The Lili Sampedro brand was created in 2011 with the audacity and willingness to innovate the Brazilian fashion “Beachwear”. The founders did not want just a nice beach outfit, but something that was comfortable, stylish, making women feel valued and feminine.

Creative Director of the brand, Catherina Sampedro, graduated in Economics in the United States and, although very young, she has great international experience; she has lived in various countries, such as Australia, England, Spain and the Bahamas. Catherina oversees the business closely; each and every piece is observed and developed with great zeal by the businesswoman.

The brand aims to create a totally unique line of “Beachwear” inspired by beauty, delicateness and the femininity of women. And, this is due to the strong support of her sister, Alexandra Sampedro. The fabrics of the designer Lili Sampedro come to life with handmade paintings by Alexandra, who followed the international footsteps of her sister. She studied in Massachusetts where she had the opportunity to develop her technique in Textile Design. Alexandra currently lives in Florida where she is majoring in International Business.

The sisters have, as their motto, the phrase “Do not just surf the internet, you need to be present to feel the vibrations of the people and their culture in your skin”. The result is an exclusive contemporary fashion, filled with glamour, which has attracted the attention of personalities like Claudia Raia and Jarbas Homem de Melo, as well as hundreds of Brazilian and foreign tourists that travel in Garopaba—southern coastal city of Santa Catarina where the designer is established—all year round.